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Friday, July 20th 2012

10:08 AM

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Related article: Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 18:56:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: jay
Subject: Crimson Desire 5Hey again, i'm writting this as the last installment of crimson desire
until i get more responses, my other stories generated much more respons,
maybe as i get older i'm losing my touch *frown* oh well here we go! Disclaimer: If u are under 18 (21 in some places) and you will get
lol otherwise sit back and enjoy.Remember keep an eye on the door, an eye on the screen and a hand on your
cock ^_~ xxx preteen pussy Crimson Desire 5
Daniel turned to Uncle Nick "what have preteen sites passwords we gotten ourselves
into" he said smiling as Drew started taking off Uncle Nick's clothes,
baring his skin to the viewers. "Exactly what i wanted, boy meat!" Uncle Nick said picking up Drew
and kissing him deeply. Daniel went over to Bryan and started kissing him, Uncle Nick
carried Drew over to the bed and turned the cam around to show off the two
couples on the bed. preteen hentai filmer
Uncle Nick had Bryan preteen girls sites
strip him the rest of the way,
while Drew jumped on Daniel and started making out with him. Bryan started
sucking on one of Uncle Nicks nipples and fondling cute preteen panties his cock. He got up and
stuck his cock into Uncle Nicks mouth and twisted around to get back at the
monster cock his Uncle sported. As the instant messages poured in, the four went through every
position and request that came in. They watched as the boys (Bryan and
Drew) friends got on cam, two cute twins in Australia and fucked right
along with them. By the end of the night though the group got tired and the
twins got off then got offline, thier viewers had all gone to bed and the
four broke up. Bryan and Drew cuddled and fell asleep and Uncle Nick walked
Daniel back to the room with his lover. "I've got to go to work tomarrow night, something about a threat
coming in to the secret service about Vampires wanting to start a war. I
have to go preteen underage dorki in and clear everything up, then go on assignment and find out
what the hells going on. They say that Dawns Life, you know that vampire
terrorist group is working again." Uncle Nick said as they reached Daniels
door. "Who's Dawns Life, Uncle?" he asked before going in. "A group of Vampires and Humans who beiliev a war japanese school preteen is coming for the
planet. They want to see who's the stronger species so they want to start
this so called war to see who comes out on top. They're crazy and they will
stop at nothing to get what they want." Uncle said before bending down and
planting a kiss on Daniels lips and pushing him into the room. Daniel was about to ask more but when he turned around his Uncle
was already gone. "Damn I wish he wouldn't do that!" he said turning back around and
closing the door. Outside the house Uncle Nick makes a cellular call. "Bronsen here" came a voice on the other end. "Bronsen, Daniel has gone ahead and started James's cross over,
what do you want me to do next" Nick siad as he got into his car and
started driving off. "Nothing, let him go through the cross over naturally, then when he
does come over, make sure you bring him here to preteen csm models the Council. We need him to
be trained properly so he can be in the task force. Don't call again untill
he has crossed over." Bronsen said hanging up the phone. "Damn politicians!" Nick said as he continued driving. *~46 days later~*
~The Dream~ James stood in the middle of a bright meadow of wild flowers. He
stood looking at something in the distance, a blackness on the horizon. It
crept over the plane slowly turning everything dark. then it was upon him,
he turned and started running but the faster he ran the faster the darkness
came. He swung around and fell backwards landing on his back as the
blackness swept over him and shut his eyes tightly waiting for whatever was
in the darkness. After a while he opened his eyes and was staring up into
the night sky, the stars brighter than he had ever seen them. staring at
the night sky he caught sight of the moon in the distance, bigger and
redder than he had ever seen it before, right before his eyes he saw it
grow brighter and the color changed from a deep crimson to a pale orange
and finally to a golden yellow. He stood and looked over the field he was
in, seeing the flowers again only they now looked like they were glowing
with thier own light. each one was completely seperate from the rest. Each
had something that screamed out to him. He was getting ready to start
walking through them when arms encircled him and he jumped ten feet into
the air. Turning around he sees Daniel standing there smiling at him in the
darkness. Daniel hugs him to himself and they kiss. they slowly lift from
the ground and Daniel keeps his grip tight on James as they rise up above
the field. James looks down and freaks out as they float over the moon
itself. "Be calm James, I have you, you are mine now and forever lover"
James looks at Daniel and smiles and kisses him again. preteen pubic hair As they continue to float James and Daniel make passionate slow
sex. by the end they have rissen above the stars and are now in a place of
no light but they both see eachother plain as day. "I love you James" Daniel says as he lets go. James freaks and
feels like hes about to fall so he clamps his eyes shut but opens them a
moment later when he feels a hand on his back. Daniel is staring at him a
wide grin on his face. "You don't have to be afraid of anything anymore, you'll never be
alone, I will always be with you James.: He says as he hugs him. James's eyes flutter open and he thinks he is still dreaming, he's
laying preteen underwear models down in pitch blackness, on a bed of soft pillows covers and someone
is hugging him. He puts his arms around the person and hugs him tightly. "You're awake!" Daniel says pulling back smiling, again James can
see him plain as day. "How long have I slept?" James asked hugging Daniel back to him. "About a month and a half"Daniel said snuggling into James neck. "A MONTH AND A HALF!?!?!?" James yells jumping up.
"I dind't think the sex was that preteen gang rape
good!" He said jumping off the bed
but looked back and saw japanese school preteen Daniels hurt expression and russian preteen tpg added. "Maybe enough
for a two or three day rest." Daniel grinned and James smiled trying to
find his clothes. "What are you doing?" Daniel said looking worried. "I need to get to my Band, we have to go on to the Label and work
on our next album."he said finding his pants and pulling them on. "James.....James you can't go back, you're dead." Daniel said
getting up. "You're crazy, i'm walking around talking thinking breathing and i
have a pulse!"James said staring back at Daniel like he was crazy. "Really? preteen boys preview Check your breath. Better yet check your Pulse. I told you
i wanted you to be with me forever. Your band broke up when you went
missing, they tried to find you for a few weeks but decided you didn't want
to be found. I told them that japanese school preteen you spent the night with me then left when we
started talking about your dead lover." he said walking over to James. "YOU HAD NO RIGHT!!!!"James screamed backing away from Daniel. He
threw open the door and Uncle Nick was standing there. "Whats going on in here, i heard screaming from outside. James are
you ok?" he said as James almost ran into him. "Who the hell are you???" James half screamed. "Thats my uncle, James, you were going to meet him tonight, just
calm down." "James calm down, come on lets go for a drive, I'll explain whats
going on."Uncle Nick said holding James in a hug. James was carried down the stairs and out to a car where he was
buckled into the passenger seat and Uncle Nick got into the drivers side
and they drove off leaving Daniel at the door. "James..." Nick started off.
"You have been russian preteen blog given a great gift, you will be able to live as long
as you want, see everything you want to see, and you can meet anyone you
would ever want to meet." he said as they continued down the street. "But I didn't ask to be this way. I dind't ask for any of this. Now
everyone thinks i'm gone." James said staring down at the floorboard. "James look, does Daniel make you happy?" Nick said pulling over to
the side of the road. "The first time i saw him my soul screamed in me, he looks at me
and i feel everything I felt for my dead lover Josh. I WAS afraid that
Daniel would kill himself and i didn't want to get close to him, but after
lastnight when I came home with him it all melted away when he smiled at
me. I smiled back and that was all she wrote, then when he preteen gang rape said that he
made me immortal I thought he was crazy,but it seems that everything is
true, so yes he makes me happy. I love him!" james said before lighting a
cigarette then stared at it. "Well whats wrong boy, are you going to stare at it or smoke it?"
Nick said patting James on the shoulder. "I didn't know vampires could smoke cigarettes." he said before
handing it to Nick and Nick took a huge drag off of it as James looked at
"Nothing changed, yeah your heart stopped so everything associated
with it stopped aswell but when you need things to work they will." Nick
said giving James back the cigarette and started driving again. "How does it all work?"James said exhaling and watching the smoke
fly out the window. "We don't know, it just does, some call it magic, others...well
others say alot of things, all I know is...it does."he said chuckling.
"All I preteen for sale
know is this, you've been made a vampire becuase Daniel
loves you, but this one rule HAS to be followed. There is NO going back
James, you have to be dead to the world, you can't contact your family or
friends, not even your band." Nick said staring at the road ahead of them. James was about to say something but then decided not to speak
anymore. He didn't notice Nick putting his hand into his coat and pressing
a ringer button on his phone, it was also a speed dial number to Bronsen. "Bronsen here." "Hello Bronsen, what? You can't need me tonight I'm Off!" Nick
yelled into the phone. "What the hell is this about Nick!" Bronsen yelled back. "Ok...ok look i have a friend preteen boys preview with me, do you mind if he comes in
too?" "It better not be one of your tricks Nick, I swear to the Gods if
you bring another little human prostitute in here again, I'm going to kill
phone. **Click*** **BEEEP** "That mother fucker hung up on me!"Nick said pulling the car around
and heading for downtown.
"Master, James has crossed over and Nick is on his w...." Bronsen
said as he quickly entered the darkened room and noticed a small body
floating in a milky fog in the middle of the room, blood being pulled out
of it every pore. "Good! That means the next time I feed it won't be this messy" the
voice said as virgin preteen
the empty body went flying.
"Bronsen" the voice said as Bronsen tried to disapear through the
"Take this body to the H.C.U.S. before the boy gets here. He
wondered in thinking this was the vault." the voice bellowed with laughter
as Bronsen picked up the body and carried it out. "It Begins" The voice said as the fog disipated.
Remember people this is my last post unless i get some better e-mails, tell
me what i can do to make it better, oh and after this, i'm going to be
working this as more story than stroke. morpheus490yahoo.com

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Friday, July 20th 2012

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